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"How to transform your Business"
lecture by Johannes Galli


June 1st, 6pm @ Sage Theater in the HEART OF BROADWAY
Opening of the Festival: Galli in the City
admission: free RSVP T. 917-3489288 or

Johannes Galli
is a very successful author, actor, director, teacher, and trainer from Europe.
He is currently in New York City to introduce The Galli Method, a theater
method he created, which works with Prevention Theater, Fairy Tales and
Myths, Business Theater, Healing Theater and Reconciliation Theater to make theater a transformational process.

The Galli Theater produces plays on behalf of many organisations such as corporations, museums, government departments, cultural associations
and schools. The uniqueness of the Galli Theater is its adaptability and
flexibility; a play can be developed quickly and creatively to suit the
needs of any workplace or cultural environment.

Flexibility, speed, originality and creativity are our trademark!

When dealing with corporations, the client is carefully and thoroughly
interviewed in to identify core issues. A theater piece is then customized
to illuminate the issue and offer its resolution. In this way, theater can
effect an emotional change in the audience and bring about optimal results.

For about 15 years Galli Theater has been taking the lead in Corporate
Theater in Germany and Europe.

The lecture will include an excerpt from one of the original theater pieces:
“ The Transformational Butterfly”.

Transformational Butterfly
By Johannes Galli

The 'Transformational Butterfly' was developed to show the different methods
of communication within a company on an emotional level and
give guidelines for improvement using the metamorphosis of a butterfly as an analogy.

Learning tool: To show how one can create awareness for the necessity
of permanent change in order to achieve constant growth.

Galli Corporate Theater
In the year 2006 Galli Corporate Theater can proudly look back on
20 years of successful service to corporate clients in Europe. Each
performance is designed to meet the specific needs and current issues
of the company through portraying them in a theater piece. Galli
Corporate Theater makes over 350 presentations per year worldwide.

Galli Corporate Theatre
— helps to show employees new company issues in a lively way
— improves team building
— motivates employees and clients
— good return on your emotional investment

Galli Corporate Theater
touches the hearts of the audiences and in the process demonstrates
company issues in a deeper way by enabling new perspectives and
possibilities, and by creating joy … the primary motivational factor.