We would like to invite you to our

Festival of Friends 2006
in Mexico City, Oct 26 – Nov 2

The Festival of Friends Society brings different cultures and nationalities
together and thus promotes understanding among peoples by creating a
welcoming atmosphere where various aspects of each culture are showcased.
Our focus in Mexico will be on prevention plays and corporate theater, as well
as supporting a project for Streetkids “Ninos de la calle”. A big part of the
festival is also to explore land and people.

• Experience intercultural Body Language and Communication in Mexico
through typical Mexican habits and Mexican life-style
• Increase and improve business relationships through understanding of
different cultures and habits
• Make personal connections during the Festival of Friends, and use
them for further contacts
• Get to know the Galli Business Theater
• See the development of a theater play
• Enjoy our tours to: Monarch Butterflies, Festival of Death, Pyramids of
Teotihuacan and much more!

For further information please contact us: info@festival-of-friends.com

We would like to welcome you in Mexico!
Hasta luego!