Snow White
June 2, 2pm

by Johannes Galli
Snow White is a beautiful child, but her stepmother’s jealousy grows with every
passing day. When the magic mirror tells her that Snow White is more beautiful
than she, the envious queen plots her revenge. Finding refuge with the seven
dwarfs Snow White manages to endure dramatic events before the prince finally
brings breath back to her life. Recommended age: 3 years and older.
Actors: Sarah August Hecht, Tara Gadomski, James Blanshard
Admission: $ 9 for Kids, $ 14 for adults

Who Nose?
June 2, 4pm & June 3, 4pm

by Johannes Galli
The clown play ‘Who Nose?’ brings the authoritative Prof. Arbuckle into contact
with the innocent clown Fred. With his innocence Fred brings chaos into the world
of Prof. Arbuckle. The play touches on subjects like tolerance showing that if the
two people are willing, there is always a path to friendship.
Recommended age: 6 years and older
Actors: Daisy Ehrlich, Viviane Futterer
Admission: $ 9 for Kids, $ 14 for adults

Little Red Riding Hood
June 3, 2pm
by Johannes Galli

Based on the famous Grimm’s fairy tale about the fear of being devoured and
the hope for freedom, the story follows Little Red Riding Hood as she makes
her way cheerfully if not carefully to bring her sick grandmother cake and wine.
As she travels through the woods she meets up with danger in the form of a wolf.
Come and delight in the lessons Little Red Riding Hood learns on the way to
Grannie's house.
Recommended age: 3 years and older
Actors: Chance Parker, Katie Tucker, Reynaldo Nieto
Admission: $ 9 for Kids, $ 14 for adults

Till The Butterfly Is Freey
June 3, 4pm
by Johannes Galli

Prevention theater on the subject of diet and fitness.
” Butterfly“ is a journey through a young girl’s diary, filled with music and
dance. The piece culminates in a beautiful and uplifting story of how friendship
can help one cope with the difficulties and issues that arise in the sometimes
difficult phase we call the teenage years. Recommended age: 11 years and older
Actress: Viviane Futterer
Admission: $ 9 for Kids, $ 14 for adults

The Frog Prince
June 4, 2pm

by Johannes Galli
The princess loses her precious golden ball, a present from her father.
To get it back, she must make a promise to the frog. Parents and children
alike love this funny fairy tale with its strong message of how to overcome fear.
'The Frog Prince' portrays the transformational path in the relationship between
men and women. "Fairy tales are crucial for children in learning to develop and
express their emotions." playwright Johannes Galli.
Recommended age: 3 years and older
Actors: Matt Wisniewski, James Blanshard, Pamela Carden
Admission: $ 9 for Kids, $ 14 for adults

All performances take place at:
711 7th Ave (between 47th and 48th)

T. 917–348-9288