The Festival of Friends Society is actively involved in the following EU projects:

These projects were accomplished with support of the European Union in the
context of the action GRUNDTVIG of the program of SOKRATES. The contentwise
responsibility of the projects is at the editorship of the project. In no way the
opinion of the European Union is shown.

Sokrates, Grundtvig 2 – learn partnership

PEACE – Power Exchange through Acting interCultural Experience
The main goal of the project is to contribute to the understanding of
cultural differences in European countries (with a special focus on
Eastern European countries), especially on non-verbal communication,
and remove communication barriers in direct intercultural interaction.
This interaction will take place in workshops where intercultural
differences can be explored, discussed and solutions for conflicts and misunderstandings can be developed.
The main resource in our project for gathering information about the
different cultures is the historic archetypal knowledge we find in fairytales,
myths, legends and sagas of the respective countries.
Begin of the project: September 2006
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Making SPACE for Change
This project believes that prison education must be a triggering agent
of personal change in the prisoners which will contribute to their social
reinsertion in the community. Our project seeks the creation of
“ Educational Spaces” inside prisons, where formal, vocational and non-formal activities can be undertaken and developed.
Begin of the project: September 2006
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ACT OUT Training

This training will actively promote the building of partnerships for future YOUTH projects. A network between the participants will be created that will continue to exchange the experiences in the use of theatre techniques in youth work.
The aim of the training is to teach the successful theatre techniques of the Galli MethodÒ to youth workers from a variety of European countries. These youth workers shall then be able to integrate these creative and innovative techniques in their work.
Training: November 12. - 18. 2006, Galli Theater Berlin


This six day training “Acting for a drug free live” took place in Armenia. Participating countries were: Moldova, Lithuania, Austria, Georgia, Armenia, France, Iran. The aim was to learn tools of the Galli Method to be able to use theater as an effective tool for drugprevention. A theater piece was presented for Armenian school kids with a follow up workshop through that the participants got an perfect understanding how to use the acting method. With all the participants (Youth workers) a theater play was developed: “Last Hope Love” which was presented to the local community.
Training: 17. - 23. Januar 2008, Armenia

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