Der Festival of Friends e.V.

Dieses Projekt wurden mit Unterstützung der Europäischen Gemeinschaft im
Rahmen der Aktion GRUNDTVIG des Programms SOKRATES durchgeführt.
Die inhaltliche Verantwortung des Projektes liegt bei der Redaktion des Projektes.
Es wird in keiner Weise die Meinung der Europäischen Kommission wiedergegeben.

Sokrates, Grundtvig 2 – Lernpartnerschaften

PEACE – Power Exchange through Acting interCultural Experience
The main goal of the project is to contribute to the understanding of
cultural differences in European countries (with a special focus on Eastern
European countries), especially on non-verbal communication, and remove communication barriers in direct intercultural interaction. The main resource
in our project for gathering information about the different cultures is the
historic archetypal knowledge we find in fairytales, myths, legends and
of the respective countries.

The first preparation meeting took place Oct 9- 12 in Freiburg/ Germany.
The Festival of Friends Society met with the project partners from Konya/
Turkey and Czeck Republic. The main goal of the meeting was to get to
know each other and to prepare the meeting in Konya December 11-15, 2006.

One of the main goals of the project is also to introduce the Galli MethodÒ.
So Katja Riemann of the Festival of Friends Society introduced the the uses
of Fairy Tales and Myth in the Galli work in a 3 hour workshop and Heidrun
Ohnesorge of the Galli group Society/ Austria introduces “Intercultural Communication and Body Language” in a 3 hour workshop. Everybody of the participants got to act and everybody learned a lot of different behavior and
culture of the other cultures.

Each partner organization introduced fairy tales or myth’s of their own

The Festival of friends Society from Germany
showed rehearsals and one performance of the famous brother Grimm fairy
tale “Snow White”, written by Johannes Galli.

Galli Group Society from Austria
showed “Emperors new cloths” an fairy tale by H.C. Anderson, also written
by Johannes Galli.

School of Business Administration in Karvina in Czeck Republic
introduced the very famous czeck myth “Grandfather Czeck”: Cech and Lech
are two brothers who leave their region because of a war. To many people
were living in their region. So they came to new places:
Czech – founded then Czeck Republik and Lech – founded the region of now

School Basak from Konya/ Turkey
introduced different myth:
1.) Legend of Agri
2.) Legend about creating turkish people (boy and wolf)
3.) Ergenekon Mountain Legend
4.) Prophet of Eyub (about being patient, out of the Koran)
5.) Myths and Stories about the life of the famous Mevlana
(Mohammad Jelaleddin Rumi)

The decision which myth will be staged in December will be made in the
next weeks. Special guest of the meeting in December in Konya will be
Johannes Galli, who is going to develop and stage the Turkish myth with
students of the Basak School.

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meeting of the project partners from Turkey, Czeck Republic, Austria and Germany


after an intercultural play scene

during the performance of
"The Emperors new cloths"


during the rehearsal for the new play "Snow White"