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Rahmen der Aktion YOUTH in Action durchgeführt.
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YOUTH in Action - Training 3.1 Programm

Acting For A Drug Free Live
January 17-23, 2008 the training "Acting for a drug free live" took
place in Armenia. Youth workers from: Moldova, Lithuania, Georgia,
Armenia, Austria, Iran, France and Germany took part to learn about
the creative Galli Method to uses it for drug prevention and conflict resolution. An amazing group of 26 people came together.

In the morning participants were introduced to expressive and
movement games as well as conflict resolution play scenes. In the
afternoon a theatre play was developed by director Jan J. Galli with
all of the participants: “Last Hope Love”, which was presented to the
local community in the last day.

Monday morning students of the Stepanavan schools were invited to
the training to watch the fairy tale performance of “Little Red Riding
Hood”, which was presented by actors of the Galli Theatre Germany.
After the show the students took part in a follow up workshop on drug prevention. The children had the task to also act parts of the fairy tale “Little Red Riding Hood” and to figure out seductions they face in live.
The kids had a tremendous joy being on stage. Through that example
the participating Youth workers got a very good idea of how the Galli
Method can be applied for drug prevention. The Armenian Youth workers were surprised how much fun the kids had.

Armenia is a wonderful country, with so much history.
We needed to get used to the minus 25°C, but also for the Armenians
it was the coldest winter since 30 years. But the bright shining sun
cheered us up.
Armenia has it’s own language and alphabet. It was the first country
where the Christian religion was the official religion of the country and
the oldest church (very amazing to see!) was built in 303.

Many friends found each other during this training. It was a great intercultural exchange and everybody learned so much about other
cultures, countries and habits. We all hope to see each other again
in other projects.

Shnorhakalutyun (Thank you in Armenian)

President Festival of Friends Society

Comments from participants:
George from Georgia wrote:
Thank You Katia for this amazing training :)))
I think that for all the participants it's will be unforgettable experience.
We are waiting for seminars in Georgia. Regards from Tbilisi.
George Mdivani, with best wishes.

Jolanta from Lithuania wrote:
Hi, Katja, nice to hear from you!
Thanks again for the seminar, I cant wait to share about the method you taught, with my colleagues.





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