Transformational Theatre and Fairy Tales – Pathways to inner feelings.
San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, from Sep 12-17, 2005
Workshop with Johannes Galli and Dr. Tatjana Maya

We invite you to join us in this highly creative workshop. The last evening, we will perform the play we will have developed in an amazing theatre in the centre of San Miguel. We have a beautiful workshop centre at our disposal where we meet every evening from 5-10pm. From 5-8pm we will do Dance Meditations and work on key scenes of fairy tales, and from 8.30-10pm Johannes will join and develop the play based on the myth of the group.
It is beneficial for everyone who wants to create a breakthrough experience in his acting, and who wants to get 5 days credited in the Trainer’s Passport towards the module Fairy Tales and Myths.
The mornings are free, you can use the time to rehearse, stroll through the city, soak in the wonderfully relaxing hot springs, take a horseback riding tour, etc. There are many beautiful things to see and do in San Miguel.
We can arrange housing for every budget. B&B places are around 25$ a night, hotels around 50$ a night. There is also the possibility to camp at the workshop centre.